January 2014 – Los Verdes Golf Club

Social Media 101! Speaker Rhonda Couchigian of Rayce PR & Marketing had members riveted as they learned how to grow their network. We obtained vast resources on social media etiquette and taking the work out of social networking. Host venue Los Verdes Golf Course served a delicious dinner in their newly remodeled ballroom A great evening was had by all.

ABC_South_Bay_Los_Verdes_Golf_Course 1010101_216937661848268_1527470243_n 1150923_216937221848312_1384942753_n 1619319_216937445181623_714427238_n 1622665_216937378514963_1544369685_n 1623728_216937611848273_378209097_n 1655918_216937808514920_1612489184_n 1656066_216937405181627_1115098423_n 1656193_216937521848282_532421105_n 1661437_216937345181633_362267679_n 1688782_216937675181600_2079142893_n 1779275_216937768514924_276234610_n 1781964_216937215181646_886952659_n 1795765_216937211848313_1857433041_n 1891173_216937515181616_817948175_n 1898023_216937655181602_1447178213_n 1901325_216937735181594_2108166978_n 1902869_216937458514955_1009319525_n 1904161_216937558514945_1529055822_n 1911823_216937301848304_331817464_n 1911842_216937821848252_29196345_n 1920010_216937408514960_1373165385_n 1920015_216937278514973_1256677910_n 1920187_216937258514975_601077179_n 1920187_216937495181618_1990887213_n 1948243_216937591848275_1033041625_n 1970559_216937441848290_889721938_n 1978746_216937418514959_377617542_n

No meeting can ever be a success without the most amazing local sponsors. The sponsors for this event were fabulous. Consider them for your next event.

Venue: Los Verdes Golf Course

Speaker: Rayce PR & Marketing

DJ: Dash Entertainment

Lighting: Dash Entertainment

Florals: Flower Duet

Photographer: R Photo Studios

Videographer: R Photo Studios

Live Music: Classic Vibrations

Rental: Classic Party Rentals

Linens: Designer Specialty Linens

Stationary: Special Letters

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